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Version Date Changes
19.1 14-Nov-2012 More pictures of Jonas and Andie at home.
19.0 26-May-2009 More pictures of Jonas and Andie at home.
Pictures from our 10th anniversary cruise.
Repaired miscellaneous broken links.
18.0 02-August-2007 Added a link with pictures of Jonas and Andie at home.
17.0 25-February-2007 Added a link with pictures from the trip for our little girl.
New pictures of Jonas.
New family picture on the main page.
16.5 21-July-2006 Added a link with pictures of our little girl.
Continued the story of our family.
16.0 23-August-2005 Continued the story of our family.
Added pictures of our trips to South Beach and to Chicago.
Reformatted the front page.
15.5 18-February-2005 Updated the family photo on the front page.
Added a few more pictures of Jonas.
15.0 17-December-2004 Finally added a Jonas page.
14.0 11-July-2004 Added a balloon ride page.
13.7 25-June-2004 New picture of Jonas.
13.58 23-April-2004 New Webcam of Charlottesville.
13.43 06-April-2004 New picture of Jonas.
13.4 03-November-2003 Added a Jonas page.
Updated "our story".
Removed the now defunct SNL Webcam from the Charlottesville page.
13.1 15-May-2003 Updated "our story".
13.0 24-Nov-2002 Pictures of our cruise.
Updated picture on the front page.
12.3 16-Oct-2002 New pictures:projects, Garrison, Trip to Hershey Park.
11.6375 23-Apr-2002 New picture of thehouse.
Pictures of projects we have done around the house.
11.425 14-Oct-2001 New canoeing pictures.
11.0 20-Aug-2001 Removed references to the unreliable www.intelcities.com site.
Updated the Day Trips with more trips to Virginia destinations.
including Jamestown and Monticello.
More house updates - this time we added a patio.
10.0 06-May-2001 Completed coverage of the house, including the addition of a
move page.
Removed the embarassing birthdays page.
Updated Katie's work history.
9.8 15-Jan-2001 Expanded coverage on the house page.
9.753 26-Nov-2000 Usual updates to the house page.
Added more recent pictures of Garrison.
9.353 22-Sep-2000 Pictures of the lot clearing on the house page.
9.175 18-Jul-2000 New Webcams of Charlottesville.
Usual updates to the house page.
9.00 30-May-2000 Updates to the house page.
Pictures of our trip to Chicago in 2000.
8.413 09-May-2000 New house plan.
8.325 16-Apr-2000 Follow the headaches of building our new home.
8.00 17-Jan-2000 Added sound!
Added a Charlottesville page
Updated Katie's work history.
Created a Day Trips page with pictures of a recent canoeing trip.
Added a picture of Mom D's birthday.
7.18 11-Nov-1999 Updated Scott's work history
7.1 06-Sep-1999 Moved the Honeymoon Page to the Travels Page
Corrected a formatting error on the Recent Events Page
7.00 05-Sep-1999 Travels Page
Chicago/Milwaukee Page
This "What's New" Page
6.23 02-Sep-1999 Pictures of Katie on the Germany Page