The Honeymoon Pictures
of Scott and Katie Jarvis Dovel


We began our trip in Richmond, Virginia. We spent two nights in Richmond before leaving Monday Morning. Our hotel was directly across the street from the State Capital. We spent most of Sunday touring the Capital Grounds.

Grand Cayman

Monday morning, after a slight detour to New York, we flew to Grand Cayman the largest of the Cayman Islands. Getting to our hotel on the rainy night that we arrived was somewhat hairy since the Caymanians drive on the left!

Treasure Island Resort

We stayed at the Treasure Island Resort and spent many days lounging around its pool. Treasure Island is a fairly nice resort, although it was undergoing renovations during our stay. Also the beach at the resort is rocky.

Sea and Sand

Being the laid-back folks that we are, we also tried laying around in the sea and sand for a while.

Tall Ship Dinner Cruise

Of course, it wasn't all lounging around (just mostly). We participated in a few activities, including a dinner cruise on an authentic tall ship.

Cayman Islands Turtle Farm

We visted the turtle farm which made an impression. We took many pictures at the turtle farm. There are only a few on this page.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding on the beach was also nice, but I think we might have ridden longer than we should have.