A Short History


Only four months after the two met, Katie left for a year of service in the Brethren Volunteer Service. Katie served at Bridgeway, a shelter for homeless teens and their babies in Denver, Colorado.

Katie and Scott talked a great deal on the phone during that year and made the nearly cross-country trip to visit each other several times. During one trip, the two made a one week two-thousand mile drive through the southwest, stopping in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Mesa Verde National Park.

In February, 1998 Katie completed her year of volunteer service and returned to Virginia. She was kept busy with pre-wedding activities. The wedding took place in September of 1998.

A few months after the wedding, in February of 1999, Katie was asked to return to work for the Financial Aid Office at the University of Virginia, which she did. In November of 1999, Scott went to work as a Systems Analyst at SNL Securities, which hosts the webcam on theCharlottesville, Virginia page.

In the year 2000, our project was building our own home. After months of planning, preparation and paper passing, in September a bulldozer showed up on the property and began clearing the way for the house.

The movement continued in 2001. Katie went to work for the City of Charlottesville in March. In April, we moved into our new home.

In the year 2002, we decided to expand our family through international adoption. We submitted our application to Holt International. Locally, we are working with Lutheran Family Services of Virginia to complete our homestudy. On the weekend that Hurricane Isabel came through Virginia, we received a referral for a beautiful little boy. In September of 2004, we were finally able to make our journey to pick up Jonas!